2012 - 2013 WM Anthony Stephens


Freemasonry is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.


January 2012 began a long and productive year for Worshipful Master Stephens, as most things with our history he was the first Worshipful Master to be initiated, passed and Raised in the Masonic order as a member of our lodge, as history was being made, the many endeavors of the lodge were continuing. Under Worshipful Master Stephens’s direction the dream of PM Jerrold Cosby became a reality. The lodge was able to have its first ever Breast Cancer Benefit. Throughout the year, the lodge hosted several functions to help make that a reality. This year was a year of first and as the year came to a close, history once again would shine on Square work Lodge #596. Worshipful Master Stephens would again be voted as the Master of a first ever second year.

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