2008 WM Monte Hollinsworth


Freemasonry is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.

The Masonic experience encourages members to become better men, better husbands, better fathers, and better citizens. The fraternal bonds formed in the Lodge helps build lifelong friendships among men with similar goals and values.


Square Work Lodge humble roots begin with the need to spread more Prince Hall Masonry, on the West side of Atlanta. Our goal was to be more visible in Lithia Springs GA., Douglasville GA., Mableton GA, and Austell, GA. After long hours of planning and dedication, we were able to start meeting and planning at one of our founding member’s home.  We also held several meeting at Lindley Middle School in Mableton, GA. Which we later adopted as one of our schools to assist in any way that the administration of that school could utilize us. A successful relationship that we still enjoy.

We requested and were granted permission to form and after receiving our UD Status (Under Dispensation) in January 2008. We began to promote our special brand.  While under UD status we were active in our community and during that time we promoted several local functions. To highlight a few, we continued to support Lindley Middle School and we were present at the, the Unveiling of Rev. Joseph E. Boone Boulevard. He was a Civil Rights icon and the Great Uncle of our members.


During Grand Session in Athens, GA on June 26, 2008, we finally achieved our goal, we were granted our Charter and Number, thus making us now Square Work Lodge #596. The following brothers are the Founding Members of Square Work Lodge #596: 

Brother Clifford Alston,  Anthony Archie,  James Burgess, Anthony Shy,  Ephran Bryant, Jerrold Cosby,  William Harper,  Doug Simmons, William Harris(PM), Monte Hollinsworth, Gerald Johnson, Andrew Williams(PM), Joel Mends(PM), Ricky Ramond,  Johnel Regulas

During that year, Square Work Lodge initial principle officers were:  WM Monte Hollingsworth, SW Cliff Alston, and
JW Gerald Johnson. Under his leadership the lodge was able to support their community by volunteering in many of the local events put on by Lindley Middle School, local women shelters and the district feed the hungry programs. With this growth. Square Work Lodge #596 was able to bring in four new members. Their class was named Genesis. It included Brother Phillip Arnold, Brother Sidney Bass, Brother Shane Carter, and Brother Anthony Stephens.  We also were able to successfully heal our first member over to the Prince Hall Family. Brother Corey Lamb.

December 2008 marked the end of Brother Monte Hollingsworth tenure as the Worshipful Master, thus ushering in our very first Past Master (PM).  In came Brother Cliff Alston, during his tenure the lodge continued to grow. We had several functions that brought success and recognition to our lodge.  Most noted was our adoption of a local street in our community (Clay Road). This was a project presented to the lodge by our second class of new members named Second Generation. That class included: Brother Donraiel Carlisle, Brother Kevin Head, and Brother Julian Julius. 

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