Greetings Brothers of Square Work Lodge #596,

Thank you for allowing me to serve the Lodge as your Worshipful Master for the 2020 year. I am humbled by the faith that you have put in me to lead our Lodge, and I will work hard every day to push it to the heights that I know we can reach. I have watched Square Work Lodge grow since being raised to a Master Mason in 2014, and my goal as Worshipful Master is to continue to foster this growth while achieving great things through the concepts of Continued Involvement andProgress. We will continue to stay involved in the community and in our own Lodge, and through our efforts we will continue to progress together.

Our continued success cannot and will not be achieved through one Brother. It will take the efforts of all Brothers of Square Work Lodge to achieve our common goals. As Worshipful Master, I will promote that fervency and zeal that built our Lodge and makes us proudto be Master Masons. Let’s cherish the Masonic principles that serve as the foundation of our Order and display our Brotherly Love in all that we do. Iron sharpens iron, so let’s use our working tools to improve ourselves and our Lodge.

I believe in every Brother and I believe in Square Work Lodge. I thank you for believing in me.

Let’s make 2020 a great year!

Sincerely & Humbly,
Floyd T. Rounds Jr.
Worshipful Master, Square Work Lodge #596